No matter how many (10, 11 or 100+) t’s you missed in one sequence or comma-apostrophe syndrome while deleting the sentences, Screpy will generate beautiful reports with all of the calculated metrics and give you insights on what to do on your website.

screpy Seo

Screpy is a website analytics tool that provides deep insights into performance and traffic. The service is well-known for its user-friendliness, insightful data analytics and powerful features. flow on the websites. It indexes metric information and presents it into visually appealing waveforms and charts which synergize with other two features – automatic trigger events recognition and Ta stream wall system. Screpy also provides detailed analytics on engagement, conversion and traffic sources.The idea of Screpy was born when a software engineer (Savvas Kosta) realized that he is forced to invest a lot of time analyzing website logs. Luckily, he found a solution in Screpy which allowed him to turn his overflowing logs into useful information and gain insights from.The tool is built on top of Apache Spark and the raw data is streamed to elastic search for indexing and querying. The transferred data can be processed by the batch processing engine, thus providing real-time insights into user behavior, in addition to historical information that stretches back several years. .The data stream is monitored and processed by Apache Spark which produces the visualizations. The live feed is transferred to elastic search for indexing and querying.A wide range of alerting models are available along with custom triggers that can be configured to send out an email or SMS when a certain event has occurred on the website. The alerts can also be detected and this means that if you have been struggling with a sleep disorder, you are not alone.

The software also allows for split testing, so that monitoring doesn’t need to be a monotonous task. The software is also capable of exporting data to Microsoft Excel and Excel on the cloud. .”The software includes a powerful statistical analysis tool allowing you to see how your experiment is doing, and did your changes actually work? It’s pretty cool,” said Garrett.